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The Dental Services of Poplar Dental Centre in Victoria

At Poplar Dental Centre, we truly care about delivering dentistry services that bring the best results to your oral health. That is why we offer regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings to make it easy for you to track your progress. We would be happy to discuss which procedures are covered under your dental plan, such as our cosmetic and restorative dental services.

Poplar Dental Centre’s general dentistry products and services include:

Preventive Hygiene

An ounce of prevention can deter a pound of fillings. In addition to your personal dental care, we highly recommend attending regular checkups and cleanings in order to prevent plaque, tartar, and gingivitis, which can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Sometimes, when a wisdom tooth comes in it can become impacted or have a negative effect on the surrounding teeth. In some instances, a wisdom tooth may be extracted to prevent infections caused by overcrowding in the area, making it difficult to floss and brush.

Root Canal Treatments

In order to eliminate the pain caused by an infected tooth or root, a root canal may be required. In removing the soft tissue surrounding the affected area, you can expect less recurrent infections and sensitivity at the infection site.

Dental Products for Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)

If you grind your teeth during sleep, we offer dental appliances to protect the enamel of your teeth. Healthy enamel is your first line of defense in preventing cavities and deep stains. Talk to your dentist today about which dental appliance is right for you.

Snoring Appliances

Whether due to a narrowed airway, sleep apnea or certain sleeping positions, if you snore, you are not receiving the adequate amount of oxygen for a restful sleep. Quite possibly, you may even wake up with a headache and be groggy the next day, although this can also be true with the partner you share a bed with.

Sports & Mouth Guards

Some of the most common dental injuries occur due to sport activities. A dental injury not only puts you out of the game, but can put you in the dentist’s chair for a procedure that could have been prevented. Stay in the game and protect your oral health with a custom-fitted mouth guard from Poplar Dental Centre.

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